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NEB Supplementary Class 12 results coming today

The supplementary results of Class 12 are coming out today according to the National Examination Board. To check your results from mobile go to the message box of your mobile and type NEB symbol number and then send an SMS to 31003.

by InHeadline | Sep 19
Ghorai Cement industry :Manufacturing high grade cement in Nepal

Established in the year 2009 Ghorai Cement industry is associated with Triveni Group and is in partnership with Vishal Group. With so much destruction caused by the devastating natural disaster like the earthquake, and to develop the construction sector better, Ghorai Cement has launched their product Sagarmatha OPC-53 Cement which will help to build various kinds of infrastructures.

by InHeadline | Aug 07
NEB results 2075 published

The National Examination Board has published the results this morning. To check your NEB results from 2075 from Aakash SMS type NEB your symbol number and send SMS to 31003.

by InHeadline | Aug 02