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Shreyashka Vikram Raj is a cultural, freelance photographer and a writer, started photography since 2010 AD and professional writing since 2015 AD. Chooses to convey a story of his work that shall echo in time and space. Favorite Quote “I Want to put a ding in the universe” – Steve Jobs

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaked Render and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S9 which is going to be released this February(confirmed by DJ Koh in CES 2018) on the Mobile World Congress 2018 has leaked. A report published by Forbes shows Reddit user minhvn detailing the S9 specifications  

Facebook To Optimize Newsfeed in 2018

Facebook has planned to optimize their Newsfeed, they plan on reworking the design of of news feed so that it focuses more on family and friends rather than public posts or contents. Facebook’s

Mobile Banking Users Reach 30 Lakhs In Nepal

With a mobile phone becoming a essential resource in Nepal, it has lead to an increase in the number of mobile banking users in Nepal. A report published in Annapurna Post stated how the number has now increased to about 30 lakhs.  

Detroit Auto Show: Ford Revives The Ranger Pickup

American car giant Ford recently unveiled the American version of the Ford Ranger at the Detroit Auto Show. Ford in 2011 decided to stop sales of smaller pick-up trucks due to the decline in the market after the recession.

CES 2018: Hewlett Packard’s 2018 Line Up

Recapping this years CES 2018, HP had a good line-up of what HP stated in their press release as “The Future of Computing.Reinvents PC experiences and showcases innovation across Premium, Always-Connected PCs, 3D Imaging, Immersive Gaming and Voice Technology.”

Queen of English Gives Rare Personal Account of Her Coronation

The Coronation, a BBC documentary on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth which was aired on Sunday, features rare comments from the monarch on the various elements of the coronation. The hour long programme, the Queen shares her perspective of the Royal Coronation on 6th of February 1952.

CES 2018 Movi Phone: Android Phone With A Built-In Projector

Built by Wireless Mobi Solutions INC(WMS) the Movi Smartphone is in simpleton words, an android phone with a projector bulit-in. The device goes with the slogan “Share your favourite content any time, anywhere.” This device closely resembles the One Plus 5 and the Motorola Moto Z. But doesn’t feature a bezel-less display or accessibility for added mods.

CES 2018: ‘The Wall’: 146 Inch MicroLED

The Wall is Samsung’s (Gasp) MicroLED TV with self emitting technology, bezel-less, modular-based design at 146 inches, 8K AI compatible TV. The TV was launched ahead of the CES event on the 7th of January at the Enclave event venue in Las Vegas but was one of Samsung’s headliner at the event.

Joint Venture Between NEA and Guangxi Transmission for Barhabise Substation

The Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA) has approached a joint venture with Guangxi Tansmission and Substation Construction Co and Shenzhen Clou Electronics to build a 220 kV substation in Barhabise.

Delights of Makar Sankranti

Maghe  or Makar Sankranti, a  festival marking the day of the winter solstice according to the lunar calender. The day is celebrated by individuals of the Hindu community all over the world. Winter solstice, is the day which receives the least amount of daylight in the solstice cycle.