Queen of English Gives Rare Personal Account of Her Coronation

The Coronation, a BBC documentary on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth which was aired on Sunday, features rare comments from the monarch on the various elements of the coronation. The hour long programme, the Queen shares her perspective of the Royal Coronation on 6th of February 1952.

8 Foods you can have as much as you want

When you open the fridge, it’s almost impossible to fight the temptation to grab something unhealthy.  You may carve for sweet cakes in the name of desserts or might want to have last piece of pizza that you had saved for tomorrow.  This hunger might have some unintentional weight gain plan or overeating lifestyles.

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 05
Lyme Disease ringing warning bell in Nepal

Most of us usually ignore tick bites because they are frequent, prevailing on repeated notes. Who ever does tense over their bite and faint red marks? People who develop later stage visit specialists such as cardiologists, rheumatologists or neurologists. The early ones are often confused with other viral infections as they both bore usual symptoms like fever chills and

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 03
How to get rid of bad breath?

You would certainly feel gloomy all day, when your friends/workmates avoid you for a bad breath. Is it an onion, you took this morning? But who would take an onion on early morning and despite knowing its effect for an entire day. Bad breath is a very touchy and personal question. Nobody wants to discuss it willingly

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 30
Smart city; A Smart Dream of Developing Nepal

The challenges of city are changing rapidly. Our tendencies are to solve problems when we pose the but there’s a completely different degree of complexity in 21st century. Adding a distinct lane for smooth flow of vehicles has been an old idea. That’s how we thought amidst 20th century.

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 26
Christmas celebration around Nepal- Photo feature

The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated by Christian communities throughout the world. Today is the day, when Christian followers assemble in the church and enchant carols. Nepal, where a number of Christian communities dwell by, also celebrates December 25 with great enthusiasm. Nights are sparkled by Christmas trees and its decorators. \

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 25
Ten Gifts To Surprise Your Family/Friends In Christmas

Christmas is here. Santa Claus is arranging reindeers, targeting your chimneys in order to pass down the gifts. Thus, you might be preparing some amusing gifts for your friends and family. So, what have really prepared amidst the loads of shopping centers? Are you confused? There is a buckle of Christmas tree boasting on its decorators.

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 24
Play games, Win prizes, Grab food in Online food Festival

Grab a food wherever, you are.  On your comfy couch or workplace table or friends get together party, you can switch on online portal Foodmandu and play online games, Games? Yes! Play online games on Foodmandu and serve yourselves with vivid delicacies, discount coupons and win prizes.  Foodmandu, an online portal of food delivery service brings to you the

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 22
Actress Deepa Shree reveals vegan lifestyle keeping her fit

Our diet and lifestyle play a vital role in determining our overall life ranging from mental attitude to physical health, said noted Nepali cine artist and director Deepa Shree Niraula. Her personal experiences are that meditation and vegetarian diet changed her mental outlook, benefiting her physical health as well. She believed that it has helped her stay fit and fine.

by RSS | Dec 19
5 popular mouth watering street food in Kathmandu

If you ever want to have cultural insight, you must taste street delicacies and warm up your thoughts. Those smokes and fumes have deliberate smell, stirring our nose while we head on destinations. There are number of stalls and thellas, steering pedestrians on a way to stomach. Some of them are spicy tearing servings, while some of them are

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 17
KKFC: Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken Delivered By A Robot

Krispy Krunchy Fired Chicken (KKFC) opened on 24th of November in People’s Plaza, New Road. The resturant has come under allot of hype due to its unique feature “Nepal’s First Catering Service Robot.”  

Study suggests multiple cups of coffee is good for you

A new study done by the University of Southampton shows that drinking moderate amounts of coffee – about three or four cups a day – is more likely to benefit our health than harm it. Earlier studies have suggested beneficial links between coffee drinking and liver disease. The Southampton University research group had an interest in liver conditions...

by Neha Banu Uddin | Dec 01
Do people with High BP get angry more often?

“Why does he have high temper? Is he a patient of hypertension?”  We do hear these remarks when someone raises their bar high and loses one’s nerve. Does High blood pressure and anger correlates? Yes, they do. We often have a misconception regarding relation of hypertension and anger. It does not mean that people with hypertension seem to get

by Alisha Shrestha | Nov 28
Exploring Kathmandu Nightlife; Things to do

You may have only a day to encounter all of the fun in Kathmandu. Will you rejoice all day long in sun and doze off soundly amidst midnight? Or, will you still explore Kathmandu with the help of moon? Second option seems better, right? But does Kathmandu breathe the nights as we would like to? Yes, it does.

by Alisha Shrestha | Nov 27
Signs that you are consuming too much Salt

“Did you to sprinkle salt on it? The dish is so tasteless” We often hear this phrase, when we are too afraid to make a dish salty or just fail to add adequate salt on it. Without salt, other popular ingredients do not blend in properly. Thus, taste becomes numb and we ask to sprinkle salt on it.

by Alisha Shrestha | Nov 23
7 best Coffee hangouts near Kathmandu valley

Whether a morning chill or evenings yawn, you know what you want this moment.  A warm espresso for a strong yearns or those foam embroidering a cappuccino in between coffee brews.  An aroma of coffee beans never leaves you, when you shut down doors of your favorite café. It lingers around and you can’t make effort to complain that

by Alisha Shrestha | Nov 22
Kathmandu is breathing dust out of the air

Once, I could not recognize my friend walking over a next lane. A whiz of dust hovered around me as he tried to wave his hand. Twice, I still could not do the same thing, when he underwent a mafia outlooks- mask, heavy shawl around the head and those tilted shades. He was just trying to escape from pollution.

by Alisha Shrestha | Nov 21
Fill in your winter wear wardrobe

Winter says “hello!” You might be checking the wardrobe- something that could warm you up. Or is it the time to add cozy and woolen clothes? Before it has been summer dilemma and now it’s cold winter warm up closet to fill with. Well, the weather annoys an idea of changing the wardrobe, yet it makes us flaunt via

by Alisha Shrestha | Nov 21
Fitness Program for Senior Citizens in Kathmandu

Doma Bajracharya has designed the course that meets the needs of elderly fitness. Core Fitness Studio Nepal, a company established by Bajracharya and two of her friends, located at the International Club in Sanepa of Lalitpur, is launching the program that aims to uplift the fitness level of the elderly of the capital...

by Neha Banu Uddin | Nov 20
Nepalese Rank 12th among the World’s “14 Coolest Nationalities”- CNN

CNN recently published a list of 14 coolest nationalities in the world. Nepalese stand on the 12th position behind Australians and ahead of Belgians and Turks. The position is earned largely because of the legacy of our brave and adventurous men...

by Neha Banu Uddin | Nov 19