Learn Cosmetology in Nepal with Neeldavid's Salon Academy at Boudha

Neeldavid's Salon of Hair and Excellence initiated its services in Nepal on 9th June 2006. This Salon is a branch of the multinational company that was started by Mr. Neeldavid Katwal. Mr. Neeldavid is a renowned beautician and a cosmetics craftsman of Nepal. He is an internationally known personality in the beauty world.

Healthy Home Packages: Pick The Right Weightloss Package For You

Healthy Home - Natural Health Care Center Pvt Ltd. was established in 2011. The care center stands as one of the best and most reliable care centers in Nepal. Offering services ranging from physical health, cosmetics, and many other options, they are known for their effective treatments and reliable results. 

Personal Accident Insurance for Family in Nepal: Siddhartha Insurance Limited

You can never be sure when an accident may happen. So would it not be a wise decision to get insurance cover for yourself and your loved ones against such an eventuality? Accidents entail dire financial consequences. Siddhartha Insurance Limited covers all your problems into one finely packaged insurance plan.