Renaissance of Patan Dhoka

Patan Dhoka, the mula(main) entrance to the ancient kingdom of Patan is receiving a renewal with the help of the local youth club (Santi Yuva) and veteran artists and his apprentices. Artist Lok Chitrakar a veteran in the artistic style of Paubha along with his apprentices have undertaken the responsibility.

Patan’s Iconic Sundari Chowk Now Open To The Public

The restoration of Sundari Chowk(Tsu Hiti Compound) has finally been completed. The restoration program of the Patan Durbar Square which began the day after the earthquake of 2015, is on full gears with more than 12 artisans working on the restoration project day and night.

Delights of Makar Sankranti

Maghe  or Makar Sankranti, a  festival marking the day of the winter solstice according to the lunar calender. The day is celebrated by individuals of the Hindu community all over the world. Winter solstice, is the day which receives the least amount of daylight in the solstice cycle.

Tamang community urges govt to withdraw public holiday declared

The Tamang Community here has demanded to withdraw the public holiday declared by the government for January 18 on the occasion of Sonam Lhosar, citing Sonam Lhosar falls on February 16. Sonam Lhosar is the New Year festival celebrated by the Tamang community. The Tamang Ghedung Association, Lamjung, demanded this, organising a press conference here today.

by RSS | Jan 12
Aura of Madhav Narayan Festival in Pictures

The Madhav Narayan festival commenced its month long festival from Monday, Poush Shukla Purnima, the day when Hindu devotees recite folk tales of Goddess Swasthani. Nepalese Hindu women observe fast and pray to Goddess Swasthani and God Madhavnarayan for longevity of their husbands and family prosperity during the month-long festival. It will prevail till Magh Shukla Poornima.

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 03
Coffee Culture; Story Of Discovering Coffee Aroma In Pokhara

The aroma of coffee is so distinct and magnificent that it had occupied many houses of Pokhara into coffee houses. Only few locals and avid travelers used to wrap hands around hot cup of coffee. Nowadays, most of Pokhrelis groove into coffee specialized cup. Around 300 coffee houses have been bewitching coffee lovers from every nooks of Pokhara,

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 01
Vibes of Lhosar Celebration in Pictures

Gurung calendar has already marked their New Year celebration. Tamu Losar is celebration of Gurung’s New Year. Tudikhel witnessed numbers of Gurung costumes rejoicing in various cultural processions, feasting and greetings.  Gurungs all across the world celebrate Tamu Lhosar by organizing rallies in traditional attires and cultural programs. They also visit Buddhist shrines on that day.

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 31
Inheadline Heritage Weekly: Rani Pokhari

This week on Inheadline heritage weekly we are deterring from the usual write up on World Heritage Sites and focusing on a National Heritage. This symbolic site has a huge national importance and has been a question of debate in terms of its reconstruction.

Aura of 19th Pokhara Street Festival in Pictures

All of the accommodation in Pokhara is booked. There is a queue of people on food stall. You will struggle to get life saving jackets for boating in Fewa Lake. Numerous celebrators assemble at the entrance of Fewa Lake and get their expedition started. People customize cultural attire and dance according to the traditional moves.

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 28
Inheadline Heritage Weekly: Patan Durbar Square

This week on heritage weekly its Patan, Yala, Lalitpatanna and Laltpur. All these names are used to describe a magnificent city which was founded on Buddhist Principles during the era of the Licchavi’s. Patan today is known for its magnificent wooden architecture, harmonious entanglement of Buddhism and Hinduism and the skilled craft of metal sculpting.  



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