Common number 112 to launch for Ambulance Service- Government

A common telephone number for ambulance is slated to be launched by The Ministry of Information and Communications in a statement. Government of Nepal is rendering services in Kathmandu valley with the virtue of private sector for the very first time.   

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 17
Delights of Makar Sankranti

Maghe  or Makar Sankranti, a  festival marking the day of the winter solstice according to the lunar calender. The day is celebrated by individuals of the Hindu community all over the world. Winter solstice, is the day which receives the least amount of daylight in the solstice cycle.

Demand for high-end Television rises

Television is a great source of entertainment and news. You can get all the latest updates on what’s going around you by just tuning in with the respective channels on your television. In contrast to that, end of power cuts and availability of television with advanced functionalities have given a boost to sales of television sets in Nepal.

by Dhiren Rai | Jan 14
Indian Stand Up Comedians Vipul Goyal, Gaurav Kapoor in Nepal

When TV channels were repetitive of Tele-serials, movies and matches, you might have switched to stand up comedy shows. They comically interpreted daily lives and number of people laughed off like in those sitcoms. It had lightened your mood in your tedious and uninteresting days. Do you wonder, if you could book seats in front of their live performances?

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 07
Campaign against air pollution in Kathmandu with pictures

A campaign named Swachchha Hawa was conducted in Kathmandu to raise awareness on air pollution and its adverse consequences in living beings. The rally started from Academy Hall on Saturday and concluded in Narayan chaur, where participants played street drama against air pollution and attracted numbers of pedestrians in controlling means of air pollution.  

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 06
Nepal welcomed a record of 940,000 visitors in 2017

The country missed the target of welcoming 1 million tourists in a calendar year by a whisker. The number of tourists was off by about 60,000 from hitting 1 million. According to data compiled by Department of Immigration (DoI), Nepal welcomed 940,218 tourists in 2017. 

KUSOM Conducted 'Belt and Road Initiative of China' Conclave

‘Belt and Road Initiative of China and its impact on Nepal’ was conducted by Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) in its annual festival. The ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ of China has created a buzz in contemporary international relations. With the global ambitions of raising its geo-political clout and to establish itself as a global superpower, China’s ‘One Belt

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 03
Falfull; Uncovering Organic Juice Story From Marpha To Kathmandu

Those beverages on the fancy edges might have added addictives, edible colors or preservatives and flavors that are harmless. Is there even something that could cherish us within natural flavors? Every time, we had to inspect labels, count on addictives and either quench thirst or return back to vendor.

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 31
Inheadline Heritage Weekly: Rani Pokhari

This week on Inheadline heritage weekly we are deterring from the usual write up on World Heritage Sites and focusing on a National Heritage. This symbolic site has a huge national importance and has been a question of debate in terms of its reconstruction.

Gear Up Bookaholics for National Reading Mela 2018

Book lovers! It’s time to catch up with new books session in an array of music, foods, writers and celebrities. Shikshya Nepal and Himalayan Climate Initiative are organizing National reading Mela from January 20 to January 22, 2018. A wonderful opening of 2018 for book alcoholics- encompassing the theme of “Celebrating joy of reading”, the Mela is catered with

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 29