Nepal Stock Market

Two held with pangolin scales

The Dolakha Police have arrested two people along with pangolin scales. Arjun Devkota, 23, and Saurabh Gole, 19, of Kamalamai municipality-3 in Sindhuli were arrested along with pangolin scales weighing 2.9 kilos. Pangolin is the protected wildlife. The two were arrested from the Bhimeshwor municipality-3 and will be handed over to the Forest Division Office,

by RSS | Oct 09
NEPSE index falls 26.92 points on weekend day today

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index dipped 26.92 points to sit at 1,386.98 points on the last day of the week's trading today. 

by RSS | Feb 24
SEBON takes action against fake share transaction

Securities Board of Nepal had to take action as someone informed them that a fake transaction is taking place in the name of the three hydropower companies namely Hydropower Company, National Hydropower Company, and Sanima Mai Hydropower Company.

by Aashish Vermaa | Jan 13
Market continuously loses points but Turnover & Share Trade increases

The market is expected to see a downward curve until we have a stable government. This probably one of the best times to invest in the share market and we surely hope that the market will see growth as soon as a government is formed. The market this week too has fallen short.

by Aashish Vermaa | Dec 30
Market loses 49.51 points over-the-week, Turnover only 47.58 crores

This hasn’t been the best week for investors as the market has been continuously dropping points. NEPSE this week started off at 1,520.15 points and by the end of the week settled at 1,470.64. The market has been continuously losing points this quarter and has worried the investors in many ways.

by Aashish Vermaa | Dec 23
Are election results effecting the shareholders decision?

As the leftist alliance won the parliamentary elections the share market has fallen to an all red scenario. Against the assumptions of the market analysts that the election results would boost the investors’ sentiments and bring a high pace in the secondary market, NEPSE has been continuously falling since Sunday.

by Aashish Vermaa | Dec 14
Federal setup not affecting pre-existing banking centered around capital

According to Economic Activities Study Report of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) of Fiscal Year 2016/17, the share of deposit mobilization and credit disbursement of BFIs in Kathmandu region stood at 68.3 percent and 51.7 percent respectively. The study of the central bank covered 57 districts across the country. 

NRB proposes to offload stake from NEPSE

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has decided to offload its stake from Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) — the sole secondary market of the country. The central bank currently has 34.6 percent stake in Nepse. NEPSE will be taking this proposal into consideration at their next meeting of the board of directors. 

Market surges over the week, Turnover exceeds 74.68 crores

NEPSE has shown a positive curve this week. The index closed at 1514.44 points on Sunday and over the week gained 21.68 points and finally closed at 1536.12 points on Thursday. NEPSE opened at 1536.12 points on the last trading day and gradually ending the day with an increase of 1.53 points or 0.09% to close at 1537.65 points.

by Aashish Vermaa | Dec 02
Market surges on the weeks last-day, Turnover exceeds 68.57 crores

NEPSE has shown a rather positive curve this week. The index closed at 1475.72 points on Sunday and over the week gained 17.58 points or 0.99 % and finally closed at 1493.30 points on Thursday.

by Aashish Vermaa | Nov 25