Tootle: A Smarter Alternative To Transport In Kathmandu

By Shreyashka Vikram Raj Maharjan on Nov 14,2017 - 19:42

I could give you a synopsis on what Tootle is and what Tootle does, but reading what Tootle is and can do. Is boring compared to watching Sishan Baniya tell you the whats and how's of Tootle. 






How does Tootle work?


Tootle is a basic mobile application where one signs up with there basic details and create your account. After the sign up is compete you provide the required permission such as the activation of location service and enter your pickup location. Then enter your desired destination and “book” your ride. The applications design allows it to find the shortest route from the point of pick up to your destination and simultaneously calculate the cost of the ride.



You have a windows where you can select when you want your rider to arrive, from the time of booking your ride. One you confirm, a unique ride code is generated and a notification shall be sent to all the Tootle partners. The closest Tootle partner shall accept the request and shall arrive at your door step as soon as possible. The Tootle partners sole responsibility is to safely transport you to the destination and upon arrival you shall give the unique rider code to the Tootle partner. After the Tootle partner enters the code the Tootle team shall be notified that the transaction has been completed and you have reached your destination


Method of Payment




You can pay your Tootle partner in various methods such as Tootle balance, e-sewa and cash payed on destination. Tootle provides free Rs.500 Tootle balance upon sign up. You can top up your Tootle balance using Tootle vouchers or E-sewa. The Tootle team is working on adding new methods of payment to make the transactions more easier.


What is Tootle partner?

Tootle has a secondary application known as Tootle partner, where a interested individual can sign up to become a partner of Tootle. A Tootle partner is an individual who the Tootle team has selected to be your designated rider. The Tootle team carefully vets each rider thus to ensure top security and the rider has good experience


Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Tootle Partner?


Noting is perfect, Tootle is a brilliant innovation in a nation that struggles in the department of transportation. It doesn’t just create employment but generates ways for people to travel to there objective easily. In a nation where travelling in public transport is a huge hassle and taxi’s don’t even want to activate there meter’s. Tootle provides reasonable fares and a hassle free mode of transport.
Tootle has a dedicated team ensuring client safety and is constantly researching better ways to make there application more effective.

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