Monopoly of CONCOR-Traders seek government to amend RSA with India

By Aashish Vermaa on Nov 14,2017 - 19:49

Container Corporation of India Limited engages in handling, transportation, and warehousing activities in India. It transports containers by rail and road, as well as handles containers. It is a subsidiary of Indian Railways authorised to ferry Nepal-bound cargo.

Due to lack of proper rail movement in the country, Nepal’s imports from India has come to a halt which has caused to pile up thousands of Nepal-bound containers at Kolkata port.

To facilitate this problem the Container Corporation (CONCOR) of India has increased the movement of rail. Rajan Sharma, immediate past president of Nepal Freight Forwarders’ Association says “CONCOR now delivers 180 containers in a week compared to 90 containers in a week previously.” He added, "since last week CONCOR has increased its rail movement to Birgunj, Nepal’s only Inland Clearance Depot."

CONCOR has assigned two rails per week to ship the Nepal-bound cargo, which has helped to ease the situation which the country was facing since the beginning of September. 

Lack of proper rail transport in the country has affected the traders, who often have to pay detention charges to the shipping liners if they aren’t able to return the containers in time. The traders have adjured the government to amend Railway Service Agreement with India in order to put a provision on rail movements and end the monopoly of CONCOR which will ease the movement of Nepal-bound cargo from Kolkata port.

It usually takes 21 days to a month for the containers to be returned, after unloading cargo either in ICD or any other unloading points of Nepal.  

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