Nepali Commercial Banks That Have Mergers or Acquisitions

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Nov 14,2017 - 12:02

Mergers And Acquisitions Mergers And Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are the processes of combining two companies into one, at a fundamental level. The goal of this process is to stabilize both companies and building a steady relationship between them. 

Mergers occur when two companies join forces. Two businesses will merge when they need to increase their sales, efficiency and capability. 

Acquisitions occur when one company buys another company and folds it into its operations. Depending on the conditions the acquired company is under an acquisition, the nature of acquisitions may either be friendly or hostile.

For Nepali Banks, mergers and acquisitions are essential as they are required to meet Nepal Rastra Bank's capital requirement of 8 billion NPR.

ShareSansar has compiled a list of 28 commercial banks out of which 20 banks have gone into mergers or acquisitions.

(Courtesy: ShareSansar)
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