Upadhyay urges voters to cast ballot with conscience

By RSS on Nov 14,2017 - 13:02

 Nepali Congress (NC) candidate for the House of Representative from Kapilvastu Constituency-1, Dip Kumar Upadhyay, has urged the voters to make NC a winner in the coming elections to ward off autocracy in the country. 
Talking to media persons in course of his election campaign, Upadhyay expressed his confidence that the voters would use their conscience while casting votes. He also claimed that he had played substantial role in expanding the Nepal-India relations and managing Madhes unrest while he was serving as an ambassador to India from Nepal. 
"This is a different election. The pressing agenda now for the people is whether to choose freedom and development or autocracy", he noted. 
On the occasion, NC candidate for the House of Representatives from Constituency-2 Surendra Raj Acharya said that people would deter autocracy in the coming elections. 
NC candidate from Constituency-3 Abhisek Pratap Saha said the people would not trust the parties who resist the rights of Madhesi people. 

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