Zeftware Solutions is Contributing Towards Making Nepali Schools Future-Ready

By Neha Banu Uddin on Nov 14,2017 - 19:43

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Mohan Tabdar (CEO), Anup Neupane- Research and Development Head and Sandip Bhagat (CTO) of Zeftware Solutions all hail from Biratnagar. The three friends thought of opening an IT company of their own after having worked in other companies both in Biratnagar and in Kathmandu for years. Along with starting a company, they also wanted to decentralize the software development industry in Nepal. Consequently, on July 6, 2016, ‘Zeftware Solutions’ was started in their own hometown, Biratnagar. The company was started with an initial investment of 4 lakh rupees (1 lakh each by 4 co-founders).

The major goal while starting the company was to prepare schools become ready for the future. They started the company to exclusively work on the edu-tech sector of Nepal.

“Our mission is to empower all stakeholders of the school by simplifying and organizing the school administration processes by implementing futuristic technologies” says Anup Neupane, “Time has already moved much forward. But, School management system is not adopted in a proper way in Nepal. We also need to have a smart school management system if we are to improve the quality of education. Thus, we came up with the project of school management system, and developed the ZEFED software”.

Zeftware Solution's Team. Image Source: Glocal Khabar

The platform covers all aspects of educational business. It includes the administrative, academic and accounting activities. This system looks after Courses & Batches, Student Admission, Student Information, Student/Parent Login, Examination, SMS Alerts, Student Attendance, News & Notices, HR, Transport and Library among others that school administrations need to run.

Within a short span of duration since its commencement, the system is used by as many as 30 schools and colleges in eastern Nepal. Albeit having humble beginning with four co-founders, at present, as many as 15 developers are currently working at Zeftware Solutions.

Along with Zefed, Zeftware has also developed numerous other apps and systems including Appsewa, Namylo and Noticepanda (notice management system) among others. “There is shortage of computer programmers here,” Anup shares about the most striking challenge the company has been facing, “Even if we announce for a vacancy, it’s pretty tough to get programmers in Biratnagar. We are involving those having little programming skills in software development activities,” he says, adding “Market is not a problem for us, but getting quality human resources is the bigger challenge.”

Along with Zefed, Zeftware has also developed Appsewa

 “As after-sales-support is a very important aspect considered while buying software, our clients, who are mostly from eastern region of Nepal, get assured easily,” shares Anup. “Prior to this, companies from Kathmandu used to come here, install software, and return back. Getting support when a problem occurred used to be really challenging. Because of this, schools and colleges in eastern region are very supportive of us,” he adds.

“But, if we were in Kathmandu, we could get even better computer programmers. Various networking events are organized in Kathmandu on a regular basis where we can get chances to meet and learn from experts. In Biratnagar, there are no such opportunities available,” shares Anup about the drawbacks of being in Biratnagar.

However, he further shares that had they been based in Kathmandu, they would have had to compete with various other School Management Softwares. Thus, it would have been hard in market for them. Zeftware Solutions was declared one of the winners of Best ICT Startup award 2017 organized by ‘Living with ICT’ magazine. This achievement has left a good impression on people. Zeftware Solutions has started gaining traction and recognition as the leading software development house in Biratnagar.

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