URPP (Rastrabadi) bats for Hindu state, monarchy

By RSS on Nov 14,2017 - 14:09

The Unified Rastriya Prajatantra Party (Rastrabadi) has voiced for the Hindu state as Nepal's identity, constitutional monarchy of national character and directly elected prime ministerial system. 
Issuing the party's election manifesto on Monday, the party has adopted Prithipath as the party's ideology. It has also given importance to constitutional monarchy as well as complete religious freedom along with identity of Hindu state and inclusive democratic nationalism. 
The party has promised to provide compulsory and free education up to grade 12 while the policy of health insurance would be made nationwide. 
Likewise, the sportspersons, journalists, folk singers, literary figures and the like would be given special priority in the government service. 
Similarly, the party has also promised to protect the languages, cultures, scripts and arts of indigenous, Madhesi community and backward. "Inclusive policy would be implemented in different state organs to the people of Madhes," reads the manifesto. 
Basic development, socio-economic transformation and political participation of Karnali and far-west regions would be ensured while the indigenous communities would be provided with opportunities in a proportional way. 
The party has also pledged to give 5 per cent representation of women in the policy making level while unemployment allowance would be given to the unemployed youth. 
Releasing the manifesto, party's chairman Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani said that his party would remain active for establishing Hindu state and constitutional monarchy to maintain sustainable peace in the country for the stability of the country and people's progress and prosperity. 

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