Directly elected executive system brings anomalies in democracy

By RSS on Nov 14,2017 - 16:24

 Deputy Prime Minister and Nepali Congress leader Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar has said that directly elected executive president or prime minister would bring anomalies in democracy of the country. 
At a news conference organised by Nepal Press Union, Morang, here today, DPM Gachchhadar expressed the view that there would be no representation of all groups from the directly elected executive system due to diverse population in the country. 
Saying the new constitution has resolved problems regarding citizenship in some extent, he expressed the belief that a new government would resolve the remaining problems. DPM Gachchhadar said that the government was committed to maintain peace and security during the elections. 
Responding to a query, he said that Nepal Democratic Forum was merged with the Nepali Congress to strengthen democracy. 

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