DDC plans on production of powdered milk

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Dec 07,2017 - 12:53

Nepal's Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) will soon start the production of powdered milk. Their plant in Biratnagar will be producing the powdered milk.

According to Sarad Kumar Simkhada, the chief of DDC's Biratnagar-based milk distribution project said that the groundwork has already been laid out for the production of powdered milk to start. The packets for the powdered milk will be 500 grams - 1 kilogram. 

Simkhada said,

We have already started trial production by upgrading the powdered milk production plant. We will complete the tests within a month and launch the product in the market.

DDC's manufacturing plant in Biratnagar has been manufacturing about 30,000 liters of milk per day. After the production of powdered milk, the powder milk can also be transformed to 'fluid milk' in case of milk shortage.

After the production of powdered milk starts, it is estimated that over 70,000 liters of milk will be converted into powdered milk every single day. The corporation spent about 100 million NRS to upgrade their manufacturing plant for the production of powdered milk. DDC purchases around 35,000 liters per day currently. 

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