Election and voting in Butwal in progress: Gallery

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Dec 07,2017 - 13:27

(Credit: MyRepublica) (Credit: MyRepublica)

Votings have begun all over the country. 45 districts are in full-fledged election fever. People from all over the country are mostly voting. 

Here are the most recent pictures from Butwal taken by MyRepublica during the votings.

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Nepali Rhinos swept to India: Security denying return of Rhinos

Three one-horned rhinos were swept across the Nepal-India border during the floods that took place 6 months ago. However, the Indian security personnel have refused to give the rhinos back to the Chitwan National Park.  A spokesperson from the park, Gopal Ghimire, says that the rhinos were swept in the Narayani River.

by Bishal Deep Basnet | Dec 16