Election and voting in Butwal in progress: Gallery

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Dec 07,2017 - 13:27

(Credit: MyRepublica) (Credit: MyRepublica)

Votings have begun all over the country. 45 districts are in full-fledged election fever. People from all over the country are mostly voting. 

Here are the most recent pictures from Butwal taken by MyRepublica during the votings.

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100-year-old copper mine being reopened; other mines being examined

Almost a 100-year-old copper mine in Gorkha district is about to be reopened. There are many mines undergoing studies for reopening in Nepal as well, which is very good for the future of Nepal's infrastructure and many other things.  The mine, which is being prepared for reopening, is located in the jungles of Khanigaun of Palungtar Municipality-8.

by Bishal Deep Basnet | Today, 05:12 PM