Second Session of EmpowHer Junior imparted on Positivity and Identities

By Alisha Shrestha on Dec 07,2017 - 20:33

Participants of EmpowHer Junior 2017 Participants of EmpowHer Junior 2017

The second session of EmpowHER Junior 2017 was conducted at Ujyalo Foundation on 2nd December, 2017.  EmpowHer Junior is a leadership retreat program for adolescent girls between the ages of 12-16 years.

The presentation was focalized at the beginning of the session. It was composed by representatives of previous sessions. Next, participants enunciated the character girl named Anuja at her different stages of life. The portrayal discovered her changing lives in terms of sexuality, responsibility and roles.

First activity

Participants were asked draw three different kinds of self-portraits, each one illustrating, what we looked like; what society thought we looked like and how we desire society to draw perspectives on us. Then, a video was played, showcasing a distinct difference in perception of an individual and the society he/she is dwelling in.

The video deliberately delivered an instant message via simple and non complicated story. The artist sketched the portrait of a woman as per the description given by themselves. They were asked to open up to a stranger and artist again sketched the same woman according to illustration of stranger. Experimental video concluded that portrait of woman described by stranger turned out to be better and close to the model he had drawn in comparison to the description given by themselves. It conveyed that we are much more judgmental of ourselves than the society create a perception on us.

Second Activity

Body mapping was played by each participant as next activity. Human body changes amidst adolescence age. It gave insight on relating to one’s body, how it changes overtime and how one should accommodate to these changes. Similarly, it gave a deep orientation as how society perceives one’s body and their changing body over a course of time.

Third activity

Participants were segregated in three groups. Each group was assigned a box, filled with clothes and accessories. They were asked to create something new out of those materials, which showcase identities of an individual. Each group ended up conveying typecast identities as per gender, place of birth and sexuality.

Final activity

Participants were asked to draw a traditional, good natured Nepali woman at the end of the show. Most of them drew Nepali women in their traditional costumes and aggregating accessories like bangles and Tika. The final activity summed up that people do not hold general idea to draw up a person based on their characters.

The event was engaging and enlightening at the same time. We never coincided how we perceive ourselves and how the society takes a shape of us. So, we victimize ourselves in a realm of low self esteem because what others think of us really matters to us.

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