UML leader Shankhar Pokherel casts vote from Dang

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Dec 07,2017 - 18:22

(Credit: MyRepublica) (Credit: MyRepublica)

CPN-UML leader Shankar Pokherel has cast his vote from Vidhyapith polling center in Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan city, Dang.

Pokherel, who is a provincial candidate in Dang 2 (B) cast his first vote from this polling centers.

He is taken as the Chief Minister of Province 5 in the left alliance.

Here is a picture that was taken by Republica:

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Report related to Civil Code presented

President of Legislation Committee, Parashuram Meghi Gurung has today presented committee's report regarding the bill designed to amend some Nepal Acts relating to Civil Code-2075 in today's meeting of the National Assembly. Similarly, NA Secretary Dr Bharat Raj Gautam, tabled the Bill on Regional Cooperation Agreement on Research, Development and Training Related to Atomic Science and Technology-2075 in the meeting.

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