CES 2018 Movi Phone: Android Phone With A Built-In Projector

By Shreyashka Vikram Raj Maharjan on Jan 17,2018 - 15:35

Built by Wireless Mobi Solutions INC(WMS) the Movi Smartphone is in simpleton words, an android phone with a projector bulit-in. The device goes with the slogan “Share your favourite content any time, anywhere.” This device closely resembles the One Plus 5 and the Motorola Moto Z. But doesn’t feature a bezel-less display or accessibility for added mods.

What it does have is a Laser-MEMS Projection System, technical knowledge aside in layman terms; it features a image resolution of 1280X720 Pixels. It has 50 Lumen(Brightness) and has a contrast ratio of 80,000:1. The focusing system is Automatic/ Infinite and the phone has a expected battery life of 4 hours on max brightness projection, 5.1 hours on mid and 6 hours on off screen. It uses the laser lighting principals to project images along with Keystone Correction which straightens the image from a diagonal into a square.

Image: CNN

Wait, this is also a smartphone thus: 



(MediaTek) MT6750V/WT


Android N 7.1




5.5” Full HD IPS TFT Panel


13 M Back Sensor : 8 M Front Sensor


3 GB, 4 GB


32 GB, 64 GB Expandable


G-sensor, Proximity, Light, E, Gyro, Fingerprint


The device features dual SIM’s with a Micro and Nano SIM and weighs < 200g. The phone is available in 2 variants 32 GB + 3 GB and 64 GB and 4 GB in one colour option Black. The camera’s feature Auto Focus on the front and rear sensors along with LED flash.

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