Home stay service comes into operation near Jagdishpur wetland

By RSS on Feb 14,2018 - 11:24

 Home stay service has come into operation for the first time in Kapilvastu district with the growing popularity of this service among the tourists. 
The Tharu community at Jagadishpur of Kapilvastu Municipality-9 have started offering home stay services to the visitors coming to their area, especially those coming to the historic Tilaurakot Durbar, Kudan, Gotihawa and the Jagadishpur lake among other touristic sites. 
The Jagadishpur lake figures in the list of world wetlands and the home stay service is available in a Tharu village near to it. The Jagadishpur lake is the country's largest man-made lake. 

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Bouddha registers nine rape cases in four months

A total of nine cases of rape were registered in four months at Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Circle Bouddha. The rape cases were registered from mid-July to mid-November 2018. Deputy Superintendant of Police at Metropolitan Police Circle Bouddha Narendra Chand shared that the police registered cases against 15 people on he charge of their involvement in rape cases.

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