Traditional resting platforms being displaced with development

By RSS on Feb 14,2018 - 13:23

 The traditional resting platforms known as 'chautari' are out of fashion these days with the building of roads. 
The chautaris are the raised platforms often constructed beneath a big shady tree beside the rural trails where the travellers can rest after a hard uphill climb. These are also the traditional public spheres where people could meet and talk on issues of their concern. 
But these chautaris are facing destruction these days as motorable roads are constructed or are in the process of being constructed in growing numbers connecting one village to the other. The chautaris are also in a state of neglect as only a few people walk the rural trails after the construction of motor roads. 
The older people however are not happy with this development and they have been calling on the youth to preserve the chautaris. 
Many chautaris in Rampur Municipality are being destroyed or are in a state of neglect in the name of construction of roads. 
"We feel very sorry for the chautaris which are our heritage handed down by our ancestors are being destroyed and neglected in the name of road expansion and development. We should preserve our tradition along with development," said Netra Prasad Tiwari, an elderly of local Rampur. 

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