Nepal CEO Summit Award-2018 Summons Business Icons from 17 Nations

By Alisha Shrestha on Feb 14,2018 - 20:39

Nepal CEO Summit and Award-2018 Nepal CEO Summit and Award-2018

Nepal CEO summit is being organized first time in Nepal. The event will foresee Business leaders from 17 different nations across the world and assemble in Kathmandu this March. More than 300 CEOs, Chairman, Investors, Directors and Business Leaders from Nepal South, Asia Region and Worldwide will attend the summit. Nepal CEO Summit and Award-2018 is slated for 14th march, 2018 at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu

Nepal CEO Summit and Award-2018 is directed towards visionary business leaders and professionals, a single largest event in Nepal for businesspersons and professionals of South Asia to acknowledge honor and celebrate the achievement and contribution they have made for the nation and industries.

The event aims to bring South Asia’s top Business Visionaries, CEOs, Business Managers, Industrialists, Business Icons and Investors together. They are likely to discourse, evaluate and reflect on the national, regional and global business scenarios, achievement and dream together a nobler future

Prime Minister of Nepal will be inaugurating summit and speak on the vision and mission of Nepal next 2020, 30 and 50. Similarly, Minister of Finance, Minister of Commerce and Minister of Industry will speak on business laws, challenges, opportunities and scope of Nepal.

An award gala will be held 6:00PM onwards the same day after the finishing Nepal CEO Summit-2018. This is a national level award organized by Business Plus Television and Co-organized by CEO Club-Nepal with collaboration and cooperation Government of Nepal Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce,  Ministry of Industry, FNCCI, CNI, NCC, MAN, Nepal Bankers Association, Nepal Development Bankers Association and Beema Samiti..

Six different categories of the award will be distributed, viz. CEO of the Year, CEO of the Year-Women, CEO of the Year-Public Sector, CEO of the Year-SME, CEO of the Year-Young (under 40), and Popular CEO of the Year.

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