Tamu Samaj Belgium organises cultural programme

By RSS on Mar 14,2018 - 12:05

 The Tamu Society Belgium, an organization of the Gurung people from Nepal living and working in Belgium, organized a cultural programme at Ostende city in Belgium. 
The programme' 'Riha Chami Kai Piwa', featuring various cultural performances was organized in honor of the women from the community living in Europe on the occasion of the Society's 18th anniversary, Society general-secretary Surya Gurung said. 
Folk singer Raju Pariyar and artist Suleiman Shankar (Iku) had given their performances in the programme. 
Society president Jeevan Tamu said the programme provided an opportunity for a get-together among the people of the Tamu (Gurung) community living in Europe. 
The Society has been carrying out various social and philanthropic works. 

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Snowfall affects life in Humla

Snowfall occurred in different parts of Humla since last night has affected the normal life in district. Limi, Muchu, Tilgaun and other villages in the northern belt in the district have received snowfall since last midnight, affecting the normal life and movements of the people, according to Ratna Bhandari, a journalist working in the site.

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