Local representatives from Mugu visit Singha Durbar demanding employees

By RSS on Mar 14,2018 - 12:47

 To a mockery of the claim of Singha Durbar reaches the village with the three-tier election, people's representatives from a remote Mugu district have begun visiting Singha Durbar, demanding employees to run the local governments. 
A group including a mayor of Chhayanath Rara municipality, its deputy mayor and members visited the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and demanded employees to administer day-to-day activities at the local levels. 
The group led by lawmaker Gopal Bam requested the Ministry to immediately send the employees. The only municipality residing in the district headquarters, three rural municipalities and ward offices lack even the secretaries, which have badly hampered the work execution, Bam complained before the Ministry Secretary. 
Mayor of Chhayanath Rara municipality, Hari Jung Sahi said there were only two secretaries in 14 ward offices. "There is no executive officer in municipality office. In the absence of employees, assistance is sought from school inspectors. The federal government has not provided necessary employees, while we don't have right to appoint employees either. How can we deliver service to people?" It was what Sahi wondering and questioning before the Ministry Joint Secretary Rudra Singh Tamang. 
Despite having elections in the long gap at the local level, lack of employees has hindered the service delivery. The team was univocal on it. 
However, Joint Secretary Tamang informed that process of the employee adjustment was underway. As per the demand in the local governments, vacancy for the necessary post would be opened through the Public Service Commission to meet the need. 
Chairman of Ward No 13 of the municipality, Chakra Bahadur Saud, said he was compelled to run the office with only one staff. "People come toward office seeking service walking on foot for three days, but they are not delivered service promptly," he shared the plight. 

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