NIC Asia Bank offers 5-50% discounts throughout 2075

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Apr 17,2018 - 19:44

NIC Asia Bank has said that it will be offering discounts to the customers who use debit and credit cards of NIC Bank. 

This offer has been put out by NIC Asia Bank to celebrate the new years. However, this offer will be valid throughout 2075.

The bank has said that it will provide 5% to 50% discount on using its' cards for transactions. The discounts will only be valid if you pay with the cards at hospitals, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and clothing stores. Anything other than that won't count. 

But even though it doesn't count for every kind of purchase, this is certainly a great offer from NIC Asia Bank and this is sure to net them some followers.

Here's the official new year's post from NIC Asia Bank. Although they don't talk about the discount in this video, you could just take it as some extra effort and appreciate it. 

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