Janata Bank opens new branch office in Kohalpur, Banke

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Apr 17,2018 - 19:52

Janata Bank has started operation of its branch in Kohalpur, Banke from Monday, April 16. This is Janata Banks' 108th branch in Nepal and the 2nd branch in Banke. 

Janata Bank, with the opening of their new branch, said,

Customers can get modern banking services, remittance services, and bancassurance from the branch. Addition of this branch will help the entrepreneurs and the general public in that area.

Janata Bank Nepal Limited is a commercial bank in Nepal that's been around for over 8 years now. Janata Bank is an A class bank, It's head office is in Kathmandu. The bank's shares are publicly traded as an A category in the Nepal Stock Exchange as well.

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