'Berger ko ATM' offer from Berger Paints: Win cash rewards

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Apr 17,2018 - 21:05

Berger Paints Nepal has announced an offer on the occasion of the New Year 2075. Its' new offer called 'Berger ko ATM' is meant to get the home of its customers some great cash rewards. 

In this offer, house owners may win up to Rs 3 million. To participate in this offer, you must purchase a Berger Silk Range, Weathercoat All Guard, or Weathercoat Anti Dust Emulsions. After the purchase, you'll get 100 sq ft. Silk Illusion Design for free. 

Three best commercial buildings will get Rs. 50 thousand each, and the most liked house on the company's Facebook page will win Rs 25 thousand. 

To participate, you can do one of the following things:

  1. Call Berger at 1660-01-23434 or 9801571001
  2. SMS 'Berger' to 33377

After that you will be eligible to paint your house for the competition. Once the registration is done, a code will be provided to every individual. 

As for the house pictures, you can send it to their Facebook Page, or click here.

The offer will be valid for registration till July 16.

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