2074/2075 NEB Results for Class 12 publishing on Shrawan

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Jul 13,2018 - 13:28

2074/2075 results for class 12 will soon be releasing. The results are expected to be published at the end of Shrawan.

The Office of Controller of Exams (OCE) says that results will be published as soon as possible. They are giving a lot of emphasis to data entry and such so that the results aren't delayed. OCE says that they are working as best as they can to make sure results are published in Shrawan.


First of all, the Science stream will be getting their results. Sometime after the Science results are published, other subjects will get their results. OCE remarked saying that they might publish all results at the same time as well. OCE is considering this move but they don't have anything finite to say about it.

If students get a lower grade than D, then they will be facing another exam of some sort to improve the grade. 


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How to check your results?

To check your results, it's quite simple. Simply type NEB (Space) [Your Symbol No.]

After you're done typing the above template, message it to 31003!

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