SWM 650 SuperDual Estimated Price in Nepal, with Specifications

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Sep 12,2018 - 16:41

With Nepal’s biggest automobile exhibition, the NADA Auto Show 2018, many new names in the auto industry are coming forward. One of these big names is SWM.

Gyan Earthmovers, the authorized distributor of SWM, an Italian bike brand, will be officially launching SWM motorcycles for the first time in the country at NADA Auto Show 2018. SWM will launch the SWM Super Dual 650 in the show.

The Superdual is also tall with an 860mm seat height, with long travel suspension featuring 45mm adjustable forks on the front and a Sachs adjustable rear shock, with an easy external preload adjuster. Front travel is 210mm with 270mm on the rear.

The engine is a typical single-cylinder thumper, with a nice strong torquey pull, tall gearing and fun acceleration. Start-up did require priming the fuel pump (via the kill switch) three times and using the manual ‘fast idle’ with the clutch in, but if you follow this procedure it normally starts the first time. Even warm though, you’ll normally need to follow these steps as it could be difficult to star.

Gearing is tall, and to be honest I thought the tachometer display on the dash was broken as it didn’t seem to be moving for my normal riding. You can switch to a numbered rev readout on the display though, which proved it was moving through the rev range, but if you’re not hooning you’ll generally be below 5000rpm. In fact, 130km/h cruising was around the 5000rpm mark in top gear. 


SWM 650 SuperDual Specifications


Liquid-cooled single-cylinder, DOHC 4 valve




57bhp (42kW)



Fuel tank capacity

18 litre (4 gallons)


Price of SWM 650 SuperDual 

Right now, the prices aren't exactly known since they are to be released in the NADA Auto Show.


Price of SWM RS 300R 

Right now, the prices aren't exactly known since they are to be released in the NADA Auto Show.

But, according to the director of SWM motorbikes in Nepal, the prices of SWM bikes are expected to start from Rs 1.4 million all the way to Rs 2.3 million.

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