Unnecessary comments weaken judiciary-CJ Mishra

By RSS on Dec 11,2018 - 12:33

Chief Justice Om Prakash Mishra said baseless comments and criticism would weaken the judiciary. 
Inaugurating a national conference on human rights organised by Nepal Bar Association here on Monday, CJ Mishra further said, “Vague allegation that anomalies and corruption are propping up in judiciary does not make sense. One should lodge complaint stating who took how much and when”. 
He also called for support from all sides in the campaign to get the judiciary freed from anomalies. 
The Chief Justice also underlined the need for the Nepal Bar Association to play effective role for judiciary’s independence and efficiency. 
On the occasion, Province-1 Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Hikmat Karki said that the people can realize a sense of justice only when the judiciary is made further responsible and accountable. 
Also speaking on the occasion, NBA Chairperson Sher Bahadur KC asserted that 75 per cent corruption would come down if the justices and legal practitioners were ready to mend their conducts. 
As many as 1000 legal practitioners across the country took part in the conference coordinated by NBA, Jhapa Chapter. 
The conference ended adopting seven-point declaration, informed NBA Jhapa Chairperson Suraj Khatry.(RSS)

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Final announcement of party unification on Madan Ashrit Memorial Day:

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