Deteriorating bridges increase road accidents in Bara and Rautahat

By RSS on Dec 11,2018 - 12:53

The road accidents are recurrently taking place almost every day owing to deteriorating condition of a dozen of bridges constructed along the East-West Gandak Canal for convenient movement of the people. 
In lack of timely necessary maintenance and proper oversight as well as rampant operation of vehicles breaching traffic rules, the risks of road mishaps have gone up. 
The frequency of road accident has increased with the bridges constructed along the Gandak canal in Parsa, Bara and Rautahat districts turning to sorry state of affairs, said locals. 
The surface and rally of the bridges are almost in broken state when the heavy vehicles including loaded trucks, big buses and tractors are plying over the bridge. 
Locals further noted that the bridges were constructed for the operation of small vehicles required for running the irrigation system. 
Likewise, the old bridges constructed over Jamuni, Tiyar, Triveni and Aruwa rivers flowing through Bara and Rautahat districts also have witnessed cracks in different places. 
Dozens of big accidents had already taken place nearby the deteriorating bridges due to operation of heavy vehicles. Hundreds of people had lost their lives in the fatal road accidents that took palce around the bridges. 
Binod Paswan, a local of Bara, said that questions are being raised which agency should take responsibility for the routine maintenance of the bridges which have increased higher chances of road accidents.(RSS)

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