Shoe collection for winter campaign continues

By RSS on Dec 11,2018 - 12:56

Youth students from federal capital city of Kathmandu have initiated a campaign to collect shoes for the students of Dolpa for winter. 
The students of Apex College Kathmandu has already handed over 476 pairs of shoes, collected under the ‘Shoe campaign in winter’, to ‘Swatantra Jagrit Youth Group’. 
Ashma Poudel, chairperson of Apex Health Education Awareness, shared that the shoe collection campaign was initiated in the name of students in Dolpa who have been compelled to walk barefoot during the biting cold season. 
The collected shoes will be distributed to students of different schools and community people of Dolpa, said Youth Group Chairperson Engineer Sashanka Neupane. 
The shoes are being collected from different 40 colleges of Kathmandu including Apex, Nami, Brucklen and Nepal Engineering College. The weeklong campaign has set a target to collect 1000 pairs of shoes for Dolpa people.  (RSS)

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