Authorized distributor of Fogg, urged government to control duplicate brands

By Aashish Vermaa on Jan 13,2018 - 17:39

Anup Agrawal, operator of Access Nepal Trade Link – the authorized distributor of Vini Cosmetics for Nepal, has requested the Department of Customs (DoC), Department of Industry (DoI), and Nepal Police to put a control upon illegal import of duplicate brands in the country. Anup has also sent a letter including the samples of the duplicate copies of Fogg, found in the market now.

Agrawal argued the government authorities stating that his company has registered a patent and therefore the import of duplicate brands needs to be banned.

Fogg, a product of Vini Cosmetics of India, has informed its customers that the market is filled with duplicate products which are causing a lot of loss to the company and also hampers its legitimacy. Thus its importers have also raised concerns and urged the authorities to solve this problem at earliest.

The company, Access Nepal Trade Link, has been facing huge losses as there are many shopkeepers who sell a duplicate copy of their product. And claim that the sale of duplicate copy has been increased more than twice over the past 6 months. The traders are making more profit selling off the duplicate than the original ones. Also, some shops were earlier raided by police for selling duplicate brands to the consumer.

Fogg has more than 75 different cosmetic products in the Nepali market.

“Chinese made duplicate products of low quality are being imported to Nepal. This has not just affected our business but also risked the safety of consumers,” claimed Agrawal.

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