Best Nepali movie of 2017, you should not miss

By Alisha Shrestha on Dec 20,2017 - 12:33

Dhanapati Nepali Movie Dhanapati Nepali Movie

The year 2017 has entertained us along, movie theatre. It’s a joyous moment for Nepali cinema, which has been targeting and influencing Nepalese since recent years. Be it a change in storyline morality or spectacular acting, theater business is comparatively doing a good job

2017 is a year of romantic movies like Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu, Prem Geet 2, A Mero Hazur 2; social drama movies like chakka panja 2, DhanaPati; comeback of actor Ramesh Upreti and so on. Which movie was your favorite?


After a spectacular performance in Pasupatinath, Khagendra Lamichhane made 2017 marvelous through Dhanapati. His name carters around economic source while his family panics without it. So, Dhanapati searches job, but unfortunately gets dragged in political conspiracies. His movies has always showcased realms of society and eventually led to heart wrenching moment.

Dui Rupiya

A hilarious spoof of two rupee note will tear down your check bones. It’s an amusing expedition of two leads in searching the lost two rupee note. Indian mafia is not too ignorant and gullible on convicting errors. So, they must strive on spotting the trace of lost code for exchange of gold. Actors Nischal Basnet and Asif Shah are delighted in solidly written role. An ambulance driver Mandal (Rabindra jha) in his typical Madhesi accent is a gem in each scene he acts.

Loot 2

A successful franchise of Loot dropped Loot 2 in the last February of 2017. Haku kale had falsely framed four of the gang members. Out from the prison, they vow to take revenge on Haku kale for he had done to them. Haku Kale is not a street smart now, he has authorized K-town in his power. The movie revolves around the trickster and four of his victims.

Chakka Panja 2

After a year, Deepak and Deepa authenticated their promise on sequel of Chakka Panja, adding up the talented cast Swastima Khadka and Gaurav Pahari. he movie has humour, a catchy song and fun-filled moments, and deals with an issue contemporary to urban Nepali society today. It shows how the younger generation is not hesitant even to opt for extreme measures such as fake weddings to get a visa to their dream destinations.

Prem Geet 2

Audiences will get a good hearty laugh when Pradeep Khadka (Prem) makes his ‘beautiful’ entry on the screen. He works as a salesperson, and is a lady charmer. It’s not love at the first sight between Prem and Geet, but he certainly chases her around the streets of Kathmandu. A successful franchise of Prem Geet 2016 is a romantic tale of love birds falling for each other.


Budhhe aka Saugat Malla and Benisha Hamal as Malati, ravel up into married couples where Malati is entangled into alcoholic etiquette of her husband. It reveals that responsibility ain’t easy when one of them is choked in between undivided chores and other’s irksome behavior. He is hilarious as hell as a crazy drunkard, constantly bickering his wife within a punch line. At the same time, he serves heart wrenching diligence, while catering his only son.


Dayahang Rai, Keki Adhikari and Buddhi Tamang starred movie Ghampani follows childhood friends developing affection for one another. Their fathers are also a very good companion of each other. But, things do not go well as they have thought about it, when her father affixes wedding with other bachelorette.


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