BRI enhances cross border connectivity: Speaker Mahara

By RSS on Sep 10,2018 - 17:25

 Speaker of the House of Representatives, Krishna Bahadur Mahara has commended the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) where Nepal joined last year to be one of the most important for international cooperation. 
Speaking at the 4th China, Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo held at Lhasa today on the theme 'Incorporating Nepal into Belt and Road International Cooperation', Speaker Mahara asserted that advancing the Trans-Himalayan Multi-Dimensional Connectivity Network under the BRI was a common vision reached between the leaders of Nepal and China. 
Terming the Belt and Road Initiative propounded by the Chinese President Xi Jinping to be a "landmark initiative', Mahara argued that visionary approach would offer numerous opportunities of collaboration, partnership and cooperation for mutual benefits among the signatory counties. 
He viewed that the Trans-Himalayan cooperation might offer an opportunity for enhancing the regional cooperation between Southern Western Part of China and South Asia in addition to helping the development of BRI. 
Lauding China's unprecedented strides in socio-economic and technological development, the Speaker commended the China's willingness to share the fruits of development with neighboring countries for mutual benefits through BRI. 
He argued that Nepal and China could work together in promoting economic activities in the Himalayan belt by creating system of value-chains for the mutual advantages of these two countries. 
Mahara called for mutual collaboration and cooperation to enhance cross border road and railways connectivity between Nepal and China, as he indicated that a huge investment, colossal efforts robust technologies to be needed for the same. 
He expressed his confidence that the Forum would yield pragmatic suggestions and inputs for mutual cooperation between the two countries in the days to come. 

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