Call for Applicants; Short Film Competition by Drisyamsha

By Alisha Shrestha on Jan 09,2018 - 18:04

Drisyamsha, short movie competition Drisyamsha, short movie competition

Everyone had captured their photography or videography folders from their cell phones, prior to camera shots. Drisyamsha has brought this revival through short movie competition and the movie must be primarily spent on cell phone’s camera. Before four years, Drisyamsha held its first edition of short movie competition. Eventually, it was successful, created huge exposure among interested and enthusiastic applicants.

Who are eligible for competition?

After four years, Drisyamsha is slated to revive 2nd edition of movie completion. Anyone who is interested in relaying own stories within cell phone video crater are eligible to apply. The story must be shot by their cell phone and its length must not exceed more than 3 minutes. Participants are allowed to add background music and edit the cell phone made video to make it catchy. The applicants need to submit their movies to Sarwanam theater by January 31, 2018.

Awards, prize money for winners

Only 10 short movies will be selected from applicants and they will be showcased in Sarwanam Theater. Then, the story, which had left impressions in judges, will be announced as winner. Winner will be awarded with Rs 75,000. Similarly, there is also an audience choice award where they can relatively vote on their heart touching short story. Their winner is set to be awarded with Ipad. The second runner-up winner is set for tablet as prize award.

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