Customs-evaded goods worth Rs 120 million seized

By RSS on Sep 12,2018 - 11:37

 Nepal Police have seized different goods and materials worth amounting to Rs 120 million while being imported to Nepal evading customs. 
During the period from mid-April to mid-August this year, Nepal Police confiscated the goods being imported to Nepal without paying customs charge. 
Likewise, the police collected revenue around 390 million on different headings, shared Nepal Police Spokesperson SSP Shailesh Thapa Chhetri. 
In the period, Nepal Police took actions against 611,306 drivers and owners of public vehicles for defying traffic and vehicle operations related rules. 
Similarly, the police arrested 158 cadres of Communist Party of Nepal (Biplav) and CK Raut Group for their involvement in different criminal activities during the period.

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Two Indian Climbers die at Mt Malaku and Mt Everest

Two Indian climbers have been found dead while in descent from Mt. Everest and Mt. Malaku last night.  The dead have been identified as Narayan Singh and Ravi Thakar. Narayan was a member of the Indian Army who was in a Mt. Malaku expedition. He died at a height of 8,200 meters while in descent from Mt. Malaku. 

by Bishal Deep Basnet | May 17