Easy Mobile Care's Smartphone Exchange Offer for any Samsung phone

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Aug 22,2018 - 22:10

Easy Mobile Care, a popular mobile exchange company on the fifth floor of the Tamrakar Complex in New Road, has publicly announced the Exchange Offer with the Samsung phones. 

Whatever condition your phone may be in, you will get at least a thousand Rupees for the phone you're exchanging.

Similarly, the company will provide an additional 1-year warranty to the buyer's purchased phone, and the phone purchased from the company can be picked up or can be delivered right at your home, and also provide facilities for future repairs.

If you're a cardholder in the following banks, then you can also have an option for downpayments in the duration of 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months. The available banks for this option are:

Global Bank, Century Bank, Mega Bank, Kumari Bank, Nabil Bank, NIC Bank, and Prabhu Bank.

Easy Mobile Care is constantly working with the mobile distributors in Nepal, to bring phones in Kathmandu at a more convenient way. 

Till now, Easy Mobile Care is most known for its offer where you can start EMI payments for purchased phones at a price of just 1 Rs!

For more information, contact Easy Mobile Care on 16600122999. It's a toll-free number!

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