Ex-President Dr Yadav concerns ineffective Chure conservation programme

By RSS on Jan 11,2019 - 16:42

Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has expressed sorrow over the growing level of pollution in the country alarmingly.

At a discussion and welcome programme organized by Dang Chamber of Commerce and Industry here today, ex-President Dr Yadav urged the entrepreneurs to operate their industries keeping in mind the environmental conditions.

Dr Yadav expressed concern over the ineffective implementation of Chure Conservation Programme initiated under his aegis.

Expressing grief that the deforestation, soil erosion and exploitation of water resources in the Chure region have invited catastrophic incidents in the environment, he urged the entrepreneurs to consider environmental aspects while running enterprises and industry.

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Final announcement of party unification on Madan Ashrit Memorial Day:

The remaining task of party unification of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is getting finalized while the unification of the party would be announced on Madan Bhandari and Jibraj Ashrit Memorial Day on Jestha 3 i.e. May 17. NCP Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' assured the party cadres and leaders about the final unification of the party.

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