Jhyanakuti Movie Review; A decent drive to dramatic comedy

By Alisha Shrestha on Nov 21,2017 - 19:51

Jhyanakuti movie poster Jhyanakuti movie poster

Movie; Jhyanakuti

Cast; Saugat Malla, Benisha Hamal

Director; Simosh Sunar

Jhyanakuti is a resonance of wedding bells in Nepal. Budhhe aka Saugat Malla and Benisha Hamal as Malati, ravel up into married couples where Malati is entangled into alcoholic etiquette of her husband. It reveals that responsibility ain’t easy when one of them is choked in between undivided chores and other’s irksome behavior.

Buddhe and Malati

The story is primarily spent on wedded spouse living on remote array of Macchapuchre. Buddhe is in head over heels with his wife Malati and alcohol. Malati is pinned down with loads of responsibilities of household chores and newly born baby. She is fed up with Buddhe’s insobriety and his emotionless duty towards family. Hence, Malati escapes from constant gibberish of intoxicated husband.

Buddhe rejoices for a few days in an absence of wife. Later, he enumerates the weight of household errands solely and realizes what Malati has been through. The movie flips upside down as he hears that his wife has eloped with someone else. Audiences are eagerly savored via their own imagination like- Will Buddhe end of marrying another girl for his son? Will Malati ever come back into Buddhe’s life? Shall Buddhe abandon his alcoholic life?

How can we ever doubt on Saugat Malla acting potential? He is hilarious as hell as a crazy drunkard, constantly bickering his wife within a punch line. At the same time, he serves heart wrenching diligence, while catering his only son. He makes Buddhe’s character irksome, annoying and adorable, decent consecutively. Benisha Hamal is appealing and flawless as Malati. She deliberately clears a character line between responsible other halves and high tolerance among the reckless behavior of Buddhe.

Supporting roles of Astal Gurung, Jeevan Bhattrai and Pushkar Gurung are remarkable in an entire comedic drama flow.  Sumi Moktan as Bhanji is a confused character immerged into a storyline. An entire character swirls along the plot lines, while Bhanji character falls into a plot hole.

Saugat Malla and bensha Hamal

A splendid character improvisation and enormous beauty of remote area cinematography is a plus point of jhyanakuti. Somehow, storylines are certified to be not robust enough for inclining towards social messages. Audiences are bind to the edges of theater seats due to humorous and emotional setting of character roles.

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