KMC to demolish and reconstruct Haribhawan

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Jul 17,2018 - 17:55

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office (KMC) has decided that it will be demolishing Haribhawan in 1 week. KMC will be demolishing Haribhawan and Rebuilding Ranipokhari as soon as possible. 

The project is being given 1 month of time for maximum efficiency for reconstruction. 

In the 2015 earthquake, Haribhawan was majorly damaged. So now it needs to be reconstructed. Similarly, Ranipokhari will also be rebuilt soon.

This project was introduced a year ago, but the Department of Archaeology refused the petition. So now, finally they have approved it. The reconstruction works will begin very soon.

The three-story Haribhawan having the glorious history of around 100 years has been used for regular operation of KMC since 2003.

Likewise, the reconstruction of Ranipokhari having the history of 400 years has been stalled after protests from different corners for rampant use of modern materials for a rebuild.

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