Lete Thakali Kitchen: Serving awesome and authentic Thakali food

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Aug 07,2018 - 18:02

Lete Thakali Kitchen is one of the first places serving authentic thakali khana. Their potato and vegetable curry cooked in jimbu and the gundruk ko achhar are very famous in the Thakali khana set.

They also serve mula thepe achaar (minced radish achaar)- one of the traditional Thakali dishes, as a side relish. ‘Lete thakali kitchen’ was named after a small village in Mustang.


Customer Reviews

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I had the veg dal-that and I thought it was great. They constantly try to refill your plate, so you shouldn’t leave hungry! It’s great in thali form as you can pick and choose the chilis as you like. The sweet curd yoghurt makes a welcome cooldown if you add too much :)
I would say attentiveness from waiters was quite good - even though there was a football match on - but the cashier was less than friendly, task-oriented!
I’d still go back, just not every day as there are way cosier friendlier places in Thamel.

The food here is pretty classic Nepali Dal Baht with a handful of different varieties. We went back here a second time because we enjoyed the first so much. I will say that my colleague for the Nawari Set and it was just too hot for him due to some local peppers and he did not feel well.. But that was him not knowing how to order. I got traditional Chicken Dal Baht and it was great. The chicken Mo Mos are also excellent.. Whatever the dipping sauce is I loved it. 

As you can see, customers love the food here. And you're gonna love it too! 



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