Mobile app for disaster management

By RSS on Jan 17,2019 - 13:51

 Nursing Association of Nepal is planning to unveil a mobile apps ‘ICT Toolkit’ to collect data and provide nursing services during the time of disasters. 
The Association has also conducted the mock test of the apps besides training the personnel for its easy accessibility. 
The mobile application is considered vital to collect data and reduce the health related risks in the time of disasters. 
Association’s Vice-Chairwoman Apsara Pandey said that the toolkit would be supportive to provide nursing services and health care services during the time of disasters based on the available data. 
It is said that the more than 200 people would be trained about the mobile application in 14 highly affected districts from the Gorkha Earthquake. 
Recently, an international agency has awarded the Association with ‘Risk Award 2017’ for providing effective services to the quake affected people in the time of Gorkha Earthquake. 
Pandey shared that a total of Rs 13.2 million received in prize would be spent for disaster management and capacity building of the nursing service. 

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