Monolite: A new electronics and lighting brand in Nepal

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Jun 13,2018 - 14:30

Monolite, a new and fresh lighting brand in Nepal, has opened up shop in Bhotebahal. Monolite provides you the best of the best from CFL to LED bulbs, panel lights, night bulbs, fans, switches, rice cookers, kettles, and much more. 

With its slogan "Lighting up Nepal", Monolite plans on establishing itself at the peak of lighting and electronics in Nepal. 

The Monolite store in Bhotebahal showcases all the new models in residential lighting segments as well as LED models for many other residential purposes. Along with these are some high-efficiency industrial range of LED lights with the aim of saving your energy and money both. 

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The LED bulbs from Monolite are sure to save you from energy consumption. This will ultimately save you lots of money in the long run.

Along with the usual lighting and electronics, Monolite also provides MCB ports and meter boxes, so you can grab all you electronic and lighting needs in one go, instead of having to run around to different stores for the same things. 

Monolite switches are special, so we'll be giving them a different section altogether. The switches from Monolite are electricity-safe, meaning you will never have to worry about anyone, including your kids, to accidentally give themselves an electric shock. 

Adding to that, Monolite switches also come with USB slots, which are always useful in this day and age.

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For more information, contact them through a phone call or whatsapp at 9802933300.

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