Mr. Virgin's Teaser Trailer Releasing in 3 Days

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Jul 05,2018 - 20:11

The first ever sex comedy Nepali movie Mr. Virgin is releasing its teaser trailer in just 3 days. So now you can watch the teaser and decide right now if you want to see the movie when it's released or not.

The movie Mr. Virgin is getting a lot of attention and has high chances of being a hit because of its unique take on films in general. The film stars Gaurav Pahari, Kamal Mani Nepal, Mariska Pokharel, Bhola Raj Sapkota, Bijaya Baral, Sagar Dhakal and many more.

Here's the hit song, 'Tulki', from the movie:


The film reflects psychosexual tension among 3 men of different age groups. Add comedy to that, and this movie already seems like one heck of a fun time-pass.

The film is directed by Bisharad Basnet, produced by Khilendra Timilsina, Prajapati Siwakoti, Mukesh Regmi, and Bisharad Basnet. The film has been made under the executive production of Sundip Uprety, and has been consulted upon by Bipin Malla in the technical sector.  


Be Notified As Soon As Teaser Trailer Releases

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To be notified, all you have to do is follow Highlights Nepal. The film producers will directly release the teaser trailer on Highlights Nepal's YouTube page!

Click here to go to Highlights Nepals' YouTube Page.

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