Mr Virgin; New Nepali Movie releases new song "Tulki"

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Feb 25,2018 - 15:21

New song from Mr. Virgin titled 'Tulki' New song from Mr. Virgin titled 'Tulki'

The upcoming Nepali movie 'Mr. Virgin' has recently released a new song on YouTube. The song is titled 'Tulki'. 

Suraj Pandit composed, wrote, and sang the entire Tulki song. Tulki is quite the upbeat song. With it's 'Deuda' style, the song is sure to get you filled with all the fun vibes. 

Deuda style is widely sung in the far western and midwestern regions of Nepal.

The film department has said,

The video of this song is to be released after the release date of 'Mr. Virgin' is fixed. The movie shows the story of the psychology of 3 youngsters regarding sex.

The film includes actors like Gaurav Pahari, Kaman Mani, Marishka Pokharel, Bholaraj Sapkota, Bijay Baral, Rabindra Jha, Sagar Dhakal, and Srijana Subba.

Check out the song:

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