Neoshphere IT Career Seminar 2017

By Shreyashka Vikram Raj Maharjan on Dec 27,2017 - 19:31

Neosphere, an IT institute based in Nepal is currently hosting an IT Career Seminar which began on the 25th of December. The institute which was recently established aims to utilize the dimensions of IT at all levels. Neosphere aims to train and develop professional with the skills to advance and develop the field of Information Technology in Nepal.


The Career Seminar started from the 25th of December and shall last until 29th of December. At the IT Seminar, experts and professionals of various fields of IT shall share their experience and power secrets which shall hopefully have the way for the attendees. The seminar has been designed in a format which allows the attendees to gain amble knowledge from various regions of the IT world. The 5 day seminar is divided into various areas of the IT world, where individuals can learn about and choose their own path.


December 25th : Career in Software Development

December 26th : Career in Computer Graphics and Animation

December 27th : Career as a Network Specialist

December 28th : Changing Landscape of Software Project Management

December 29th : E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship


The event timings are listed below in the schedule, the event is hosted at the premises of Neosphere at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Registration doesn’t require any fees but requires one to register. Registration details are listed below.


Seminar Schedule





The event is free for all participates, but one must register. To register CLICK HERE, the link shall direct you to the Neosphere event page where you shall find the REGISTER button. Click on the register button and fill up the information sheet. The seats are limited so better hurry!!


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