Nepal-bound cargo stuck in Kolkata yet again

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Jun 25,2018 - 16:05

Movement of Nepal-bound containers has been affected at the Kolkata port yet again.

This has happened 3 times in the last 4 years. 

A Nepali clearing agent who is currently at the Kolkata port says that none of the Nepal-bound containers have left the port in the past 4 days. 

For the umpteenth time, cargo will be stuck at Kolkata dry port again for a few days or weeks even.

Importers from Nepal have shifted blames to CONCOR for traffic congestion, which seems to be a very common problem. Reportedly, CONCOR hasn't delivered any rakes to the port, causing the container traffic.



As containers are stuck in Kolkata, the supply of certain goods in the market has been affected. Pradip Kedia, former president of Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says

Also, it has decreased productivity of industries as required raw materials are also stopped at the Kolkata port.

According to traders, they have to pay demurrage fee to the shipping company if containers are not released within the stipulated timeframe. So importers are not happy with this situation that seems to occur almost every year.

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