Nepali Sex-Comedy Movie Mr. Virgin Releases its First Song 'Tulki'

By Alisha Shrestha on Feb 20,2018 - 19:53

Mr virgin Nepali movie Mr virgin Nepali movie

Mr. Virgin, the first sex comedy movie of Nepal had dropped its ever first song ‘Tulki’ on Monday. World Wide Films released audio version of ‘Tulki’ on YouTube, which has accumulated more than 2k views till date. Gaurav Pahari, Kamal Mani Nepal, Mariska Pokharel, Bhola Raj Sapkota, Bijaya Baral, Sagar Dhakal and other stars are casted in Mr. Virgin.

The screen poster shares Gaurav Pahari, Kamal Mani Nepal along their love interests (Shraddha Prasai , Smriti Pokharel , Ellyn Maranda ) in the rickshaw.  Another song ‘Paisa Fek Tamasha Dekh’ had accomplished shooting and features Chhulthim Gurung, Gaurav Pahari, Kamal Mani Nepal and other backup dancers.

The song ‘Tulki’ is a folk reprised modern song accompanied by rapping beats. The vocal and lyrics is given by Suraj Pandit, while the rap beats are from Amrit Lwangun. Music video for song is set to be released soon as Director, Bisharad Basnet, had mentioned that official release of Mr. Virgin might be after four-five months as it takes a long course of time incorporating production phenomenon, financial management, and post production.

Mr. Virgin, Nepali movie reflects psychosexual tension among three men of different age groups. With a budget of Rs 10 million and compulsive title, it is garnering attention in Nepali cinema industry as well as audiences. According to Basnet, three lead roles of movie driven into sex comedy are exhibited into three different age groups; 30-40 age groups, 20-30 age groups and teenage groups, so, movie connects audience regardless of age.

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