Sagarmatha Cement: Producing Highest Quality Cement Grade in Nepal

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Jun 13,2018 - 15:10

Sagarmatha Cement Sagarmatha Cement

Sagarmatha Cement was officially launched in June 2013, by Ghorahi Cement Industry Pvt. Ltd.. Sagarmatha OPC complies with Nepal Standards and it was at the time working for international recognition by obtaining the ISO 9001 certification.

Sagarmatha Cement is known for its strength which ranges from 55-60 megaPascals. A cement grade with 53 megapascals is considered to be of high grade. So by that standard, Sagarmatha Cement can easily be one of the best Cement in Nepal.

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In 2016, Sagarmatha cement introduced a home insurance scheme for its customers. Under this scheme, the company provides a home insurance plan for customers who purchase at least 50 bags of Sagarmatha Cement. The insurance provided covers for losses worth Rs 1 million incurred due to fire, lightning, an earthquake. The company said that this scheme was introduced with the devasting 2015 earthquakes in mind.  

Ghorahi has also worked with Himalayan Climate Initiatives to establish an eco-friendly cement factory.

Ghorahi Cement Industry has claimed to be the largest clinker manufacturer in the country. It has a capacity of manufacturing 1,200 tonnes of clinker daily. Apart from manufacturing its own cement brand, the company also supplies clinker to other companies.

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