Seventh session of EmpowHer ; Learning To Pitch An Idea

By Alisha Shrestha on Jan 12,2018 - 20:35

EmpowHer Team EmpowHer Team

Each session of EmpowHer enlightened participants on how they perceive themselves, others relatively and cohered into a team for societal change. An idea deviated from EmpowHer let participants be a change maker for future and in good terms. Seventh session dealt with pitching ideas- offering ideas for consideration.

Grishma Shrestha, winner of EmpowHer, represented the session as guest speaker, where she shared and revised her experiences along EmowHer days and how it aided her in future. Now, she is working for street children, helping them to uplift their way of living. Similarly, she imparted the participants on grasping each ideas, concepts, and formats from session games so that they can mobilize in future project.

Impressive talks from guest speakers

Sarita Lamichhane from Prayatna Nepal accentuated her engaging and motivating words as next guest speakers. Prayatna Nepal is an organization aimed to empower visually impaired women for their better future. She preached about putting emotions and sentiments in pitching so that they would know what they are going to do. Their perception must incorporate what they were feeling according to Sarita Lamichhane.

She even motivated participants to engage wow factor about their pitching in order to present it with confident and more determined. Sarita lamichhane shared that audience are mostly attached to emotion, the presenters provide. Hence, participants must put effort in conveying their emotions in it along reasons that align with their projects.

Milestone sessions

The milestones session was enacted after an impressive speech from two guest leaders. Participants were divided into groups and each member was assigned to Ujyalo Team. They discussed on the need of project and set individual’s milestone in achieving the end of session. Eventually, it imparted members on destination with our project, our starting point, the adjustments and finally, their objective.

Pitching session

Before initiating pitching session, participants engraved into delicious momo. Then, Princi Koirala, from Tottle, conducted the session of pitching. She provided an idea for pitching; how it should be thought off and how effective it should be for change makers like them. So, she conducted knowledge on how to engage the wow, how and now of pitch and cautious considerations for pitching. After knowledge session on pitching, she allotted participants for composing a minute and half pitch, where she observed, inspected, went through it, evaluated them and provisioned required recommendations.

When, princi Koilara made her departure from session, participants composed three minutes pitch like the one they will be having in the last day of EmpowHER. They let out their pitch in front of other change makers, who reviewed what their pitch felt like. The session concluded with gamification points and feedback forms to fill.

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